Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hetalia Day 2010

Okay, there are two, if not four, avid Hetalia fans using this blog. We want to set up a meeting place for all the other great fans in Minnesota. Unless you think we're awesome (like Prussia) and want to travel hundreds of miles to join us.

Here is some information.

The time is uncertain, but everyone should know the day, October 24th, aka Hetalia Day. We were thinking somewhere around 10:00 am to 8:00pm, but we're not sure how that will work with other people's lives.
We are going to see if we can get a room *wink*  at the library or the high school and maybe we might go to the park.

Picnic anyone?
I might bring sandwiches, since I've been told I have good meat.

We might bring plates and eating utensils if anything requires them. It's going to be a little chilly, so maybe some hot chocolate (just a thought)? You are welcome to bring picnic things too. Depending on the weather it may be an inside picnic. It will probably be inside because you know how cold it gets.

Costumes are not required, but enjoyed.
And if you do dress up as a character please act like your character.

We'll be playing games (e.g. the pony game, skits, improv, whatever games you come up with, etc.) if someone has a camera, they can take pictures, video cameras are welcome too. But try not to get too crazy, like attacking people or groping them.

Oh, please be respectful to (my guess is utterly confused and slightly disturbed) passerbys.

We'll have updates as to what's going on. Please RSVP in the comments so we know how much stuff we need.

Hm, even though it seems like we wrapped this up, we forgot the location! Okay, it will be in the Brainerd/Baxter area, if anyone knows where that is. (Crow Wing County)

Okay. We're done . . for now.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments or email us at

If you need to stay overnight, there are many hotels in the area. Two or three have nice water parks.


  1. Pst . . I guess we might as well RSVP, too!

  2. My wonderful friend directed me to this page!!~ ♥ Though Brainerd is too far from me (I'm an hour south of Willmar), I am glad to know there are Hetalia fans celebrating Hetalia Day nonetheless! I wish I could be there!! :D *salutes*

    P.S.- You're right, General Winter usually arrives sometime in October. The park might be too cold Dx
    I like the picnic idea though! If I could go I would totally be Ivan!! XDD

  3. I am SOOO attending this! I'll be the femneko!Poland! XDD

  4. What?! I'm being Poland! ...fine we can both be Poland.

  5. I'm so proud to live here *sniffle, tear*
    This is so awsome (like Prussia xD), I'm going, probably with friends. If I can get the costume done I'm going as Chibitalia ^^

    P.S. Does anyone want cupcakes on said picnic? I can make some :3

  6. If we have the picnic (it might be too cold, if so we'll go to a restraunt everyone can agree on(McDonald's!)If it is too cold we'll inform everyone coming)I would Looooove cupcakes!! But I do know for a FACT that Lemon1 was the original cupcake. [insidejokealert!]


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